31 January 2024

Pilot demonstration in Médio Tejo region (Portugal) launches a hydrogen-powered bus

The Médio Tejo pilot demonstration of the hydrogen-powered CAETANOBUS H2 CITY GOLD bus started November 13, 2023, as part of the Work Package 5 – Mobility use of Hydrogen.

The vehicle in demonstration is a hydrogen model CAETANOBUS Toyota FC Stack Generation 2 with coordination from the Hy2Market partners MédioTejo21 and support from IrRADIARE. The hydrogen bus will run for 8 months in the Médio Tejo Region (Portugal), as part of the public transport service. It will transport passengers on urban circuits in 11 municipalities in the Médio Tejo region, covering around 200 km a day.

The H2. City Gold has an estimated consumption of 6 kg of hydrogen per 100 km traveled. The batteries, hydrogen tanks and the fuel cell are placed on the roof, optimizing the interior space and making it wider.

This bus stands out for its modularity, autonomy and high capacity, safety and simplicity of use, easily adapting to any urban environment. With its low noise level, this bus simultaneously contributes to a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

The supply of the bus is ensured by the installation of a portable hydrogen supply station, installed by the company PRF – Gas Solutions, which will be located at the Municipal Shipyard of Abrantes, from November to February, and in Tomar, at the Trucking Center, from February to June.

This pilot aims to test operating conditions of an H2 bus in a real operating context and contribute to overcoming potential barriers in mobility use of Hydrogen, with the aim of accelerating the implementation of a robust and innovative hydrogen value chain.