WIVA P&G is the Austrian platform for research and development in the field of hydrogen and green gases streamlining knowledge and expertise between science and industry. It guarantees the integration of project results in ongoing and future projects and the realisation of the overall vision of the hydrogen region. All members have a dedicated focus to R&D in the field of hydrogen and power-to-gas technology. Research and industrial member organisations contribute with knowledge and expertise of finished and ongoing R&D projects in the respective field.

Our role in the project

WIVA P&G has the lead in the knowledge exchange, and the sub-task on standardization and regulations, as well as in the industrial-use work package, and contributes to several tasks focused on the production of green hydrogen and roll-out scenarios. We coordinate the project activities of Austrian partners and take care of the dissemination in national networks as well as the public audience. As project outcomes, we expect advancements in the technology readiness of components and a lively integration in a European hydrogen economy.

Our impact within our region

The exchange of knowledge and expertise within the Hy2Market consortium will result in an accelerated transformation to a zero-emissions economy with hydrogen as the key enabler. The Austrian regions Upper Austria and Styria are representative for the energy intensive industry. Examples for a rapid reduction in CO2 emissions using hydrogen are new approaches to steelmaking, carbon cycling, sector-coupling, and seasonal storage.