TRESCA Engineering was founded in 2001, offering its clients engineering and consulting services that contribute to the development of their industrial and energy projects, providing a global vision of the solution. We work in all industrial sectors, although we have a greater presence in those with high technical process requirements. At TRESCA we are experts in the development of green H2 projects, with extensive experience in more than 100 hydrogen projects that range from the feasibility study to the start-up of the plant.

Our role in the project

EDP ​​intends to carry out a decarbonization process at the Aboño thermal power plant, in Asturias. The objective is the use of green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis from water molecules and electricity of renewable origin. During 2022, TRESCA has developed a feasibility study for a first phase of 150 MW of electrolysis at the EDP facilities in Asturias, which are intended to come into operation in 2025. Within the framework of this project, TRESCA will develop, jointly with EDP, a feasibility study for an upscale in Asturias location of up to a 500 MW. TRESCA will also be involved in the following tasks:

  • Project Management and coordination.
  • Green Hydrogen Production and Management Systems
  • Knowledge exchange platform
  • Cooperation in communication and dissemination

Our impact within our region

Hy2Market offers us the opportunity to participate in a project with the entire hydrogen value chain. The transformation of the Aboño thermal power plant will be a success story for other regional industries that wish to decarbonize in the short term and will allow TRESCA to position itself as a reference engineering in hydrogen technology and derivatives. This will allow us to generate new knowledge, technologies and services in the same region and in other regions of Spain and Europe. Also the creation of highly qualified team in our region of green H2 technologies. TRESCA will participate in case studies of industrial and mobility use of hydrogen. Finally, TRESCA will be involved in interregional and international networks to work on different innovations to promote production, transportation and use of green hydrogen.