Táctica TIC

Táctica TIC is a technology-based company committed to the digital transformation of companies in various sectors, including industrial, agri-food, etc. We specialize in the development of tailored solutions that take advantage of the power of information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of our clients. Our approach focuses on understanding the specific needs of each company and designing innovative solutions that adapt to their business processes and objectives. 

Our role in the project

At Táctica TIC, we work closely with our clients to implement advanced technologies that optimize their operations and allow them to stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving business environment. To do this, we develop technological solutions that optimize production processes and data-based decision making. In the Hy2Market project, Táctica TIC will design an intelligent assistant for the planning and operation of H2 production and storage plants. This assistant will analyze and model each subsystem, being able to predict the expected costs and demands and generate a proposal for optimal operation and storage according to these forecasts.

Our impact within our region

Thanks to the Hy2 Market project, Táctica TIC is specializing in the industrial field with first-hand knowledge of the H2 generation and storage process. It is also establishing collaborations with other companies participating in the project, with the aim of generating new collaborative projects.