Summit Engineering

Summit Engineering is a project and advisory firm for the energy transition. In short, we help companies and local governments in their sustainability journey. We meet them where they are and help them reach their goals, such as realising integrated energy solutions (power to hydrogen, energy storage), reduction of harmful emissions (e.g. CO2, NOx), introduction of renewables (green hydrogen, wind, solar or biomethane) or saving energy. We use our knowledge, experience, as well as our extensive sector network, to provide a tailor-made programme for achieving optimal results.

Our role in the project

Summit Engineering has knowledge of the controllability and control boundaries of the various electrolyser technologies. We will make use of this to support the development of a control philosophy for the electrolyser systems to be realised in Sicily and Asturias. Summit Engineering has been involved in various projects with options for grid balancing services (FCR, aFRR, etc.) and can also contribute its experience with regard to the various products to the PCS. In addition, Summit Engineering has a calculation model with which it is possible to determine whether the electrolysis capacity is appropriate in an energy system for different generation and offtake profiles. Finally, we will analyse routes to decrease the costs of hydrogen production via electrolysis.

Our impact within our region

Summit Engineering has an extensive sector network in the Northern Netherlands. We use our knowledge, experience, as well as our local network, to support our customers in achieving results and succesfully completing projects. One of the projects in the Northern Netherlands that we are currently involved in is the Hydrohub Megawatt Test Center. This is a state-of-the-art research facility for optimising and scaling up the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis. In the Northern Netherlands we also work together with other Hy2Market parties, such as Demcon and NEC. Learnings from the Hy2Market project will help us accelerate bringing hydrogen to market in not only our region, but across the EU.