SoluForce is the pioneer and market leader in the field of metal-free and flexible high-pressure pipelines, known as ‘Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes’ (RTP) or ‘Flexible Composite Pipes’ (FCP). With the SoluForce Hydrogen Tight (H2T) version, the system is the first and only fully non-metallic piping system certified for hydrogen applications. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of hydrogen projects and represents a new step towards a sustainable energy mix. The system is based on proven technologies and can serve as the perfect accelerator to establish local green hydrogen distribution and transport in a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient manner.

Our role in the project

As a key participant, we’re actively involved addressing challenges in hydrogen transport. Beyond conventional methods, we explore innovative pipeline solutions to enhance safety, efficiency and affordability. Our role includes not only the installation of a pipeline network but also a proactive exploration of options for hydrogen transportation, including tests in locations in Northern Netherlands. Collaborating with various stakeholders, we provide technical skills and knowledge to solve the hydrogen transport challenges. Leveraging all contributions, we’re deploying a pipeline system to contribute to a more resilient energy landscape.

Our impact within our region

Looking ahead, SoluForce isn’t just a solution; it’s a facilitator of hydrogen projects in the region. Rooted in proven technologies, our system is poised to enable the rapid establishment of local green hydrogen distribution and transport networks. This localized approach allows us to fine-tune solutions based on regional conditions. We offer a comprehensive system that balances speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, contributing to the feasibility of local hydrogen projects.