Snam is one of Europe’s main regulated gas companies, listed in the FTSE MIB index of then Italian Stock Exchange, with more than 3.000 employees and a turnover of €2,528 million. It is an international leader in the gas transport and storage sectors regarding transport network size (it manages more than 33.000 km of pipeline in Italy, over 41,000 km with its international subsidiaries) and storage capacity (stocks more than 15 billion cubic meter in Italy and more than 20 billion cubic meters through international subsidiaries).

Our role in the project

Snam participates in the Italian consortium based in Sicily, under the coordination of the CNR-Itae of Messina and with the sponsorship of the Sicily Region. Snam will provide support for the development of use cases to which to extend the conclusions of the pilot, with the aim of designing an H2 supply chain model for the industrial hub. The objective is to identify the potential for the Sicilian infrastructures, both new and repurposed, evaluate the cost-benefit analysis and the risks and assumptions. Snam will contribute to providing a techno-economic analysis about how to integrate renewable hydrogen supply in the industrial hard-to-abate sectors. Finally, Snam participating in IPCEI project on hydrogen in Italian region, can provide a strong experience on hydrogen utilization as fuel to decarbonize hard-to-abate industry sector.

Our impact within our region

Snam has an extremely important role in Sicily. In the territory, in fact, Snam operates a highly-meshed infrastructure that guarantees energy security. There are some highly strategic areas that are served by the Snam network, which operate in the hard-to-abate sector. The Snam network has a cardinal impact for the Hy2Market project thanks to the pilot that involves the carrying out of H2NG blending tests, using users connected directly to our infrastructure. Snam will give full support to allow the correct conduct of the experimental test.