Signal Software

Signal Software is a company formed by a group of engineers who have been developing projects and products using immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality, simulators or Digital Twins. For seventeen years we have used these technologies to provide benefits to our clients in the defence and civil industries, particularly in aeronautical, maritime or industrial environments. The company has been involved in involved in prestigious projects, such as the Eurofighter Simulator, and renowned organisations, such as CERN or EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency).

Our role in the project

Signal Software is responsible for designing and developing the digital twin for the Hydrogen Plant that will be built in Asturias by EDP. We will analyse the various components of the plant and the process, and collaborate with EDP to identify the variables that affect the entire process. We will deploy a software application that will allow the user to monitor the process and navigate easily through the virtual facilities. After EDP constructs the plant, we will integrate a predictive model that can simulate output parameters based on input data simulations.

Our impact within our region

Our final goal is to create a Digital Twin product that can be utilised for various purposes. Therefore, it is crucial for us to have a real-life example in a complex and innovative use case, such as a hydrogen plant. This use case allows us to showcase the benefits of a Digital Twin to potential customers, even beyond our region. As a result, we can serve as a reference for other regions or countries that are planning to build hydrogen plants or similar projects.