RAVEN SR is revolutionising the way the world uses waste. The company takes any organic waste and converts it to clean hydrogen and synthetic Fischer-Tropsch fuels through our patented Steam/CO2 Reforming process. RAVEN SR uses steam and a chemical process, not combustion, to process organic feedstock into clean hydrogen in an environmentally friendly, efficient and profitable way. RAVEN SR’s Steam/CO2 reforming systems enables efficient and environmentally friendly production of hydrogen contributing to a circular economy. With a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the company plays a pivotal role in advancing clean energy solutions and fostering a more sustainable future.

Our role in the project

Raven SR is pioneering Europe’s first Waste-to-Hydrogen plant in Spain, converting 70 wet tons/day of green and food waste into 4,800 kg of renewable hydrogen and 22 tons of biocarbon. RAVEN SR will also focus on the standardisation of processes and evaluation of data for replication and implementation of site in targeted European regions/sites. Raven will also perform a study that will evaluate e-fuel production using Fischer-Tropsch and Methanol to Gasoline/Distillate routes. In parallel, Raven will lead a comprehensive report addressing the hydrogen mobility challenges in Europe, focusing on logistics, public transportation, and hydrogen supply stations, emphasizing H2 heavy transport routes in Europe. Raven SR Iberia aims to enhance the consortium by contributing its leading expertise with its Steam/CO2 Reforming technology and waste-to-hydrogen production, striving to drive sustainable solutions in Europe. They anticipate close collaboration with fellow partners to advance research and development in clean energy, fostering synergies that accelerate the transition toward a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient future.

Our impact within our region

Raven SR’s Waste-to-Hydrogen plant in Aragón marks a pioneering initiative as the first of its kind in Spain and the European Union. By repurposing waste into renewable hydrogen and biocarbon, the project not only addresses waste management challenges but also promises to create enduring skilled job opportunities. This initiative reflects Raven SR’s commitment to both environmental sustainability and the socio-economic development of the region, showcasing a holistic approach to develop scalable and replicable hydrogen production in Aragón.