Prozess optimal

Prozess Optimal is a SME for chemical and process engineering and offers high quality solutions in the field of chemical industry, refinery and petrochemical industry as well as for bioindustry. Prozess Optimal has a team of 7 highly qualified engineers. With more than 15 years of experience, we offer customised solutions for challenging tasks. Our core competences include the creation and development of precise simulation models. These form the basis for further work such as feasibility studies, system optimisation or basic engineering.

Our role in the project

Prozess Optimal is involved in the project in two work packages. In WP2 Prozess Optimal is responsible for the modelling of material and energy streams for a system of a 6 MW PEM electrolyser coupled with a methanation plant. The plant will be built at Voestalpine Linz site, using CO2 from a scrubber pilot plant. Results from the operation of the system will then be used to calibrate the reaction kinetic set in the model to have a validated simulation model for accurate predictions and upscaling. In the second work package, WP4, is the focus on process simulation for CCU to form NH3 and CH4, power-to-gas from CO2 using H2, and power-to-liquid with methanol and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The simulation models are then used to analyse different use-cases to figure out the best solutions for different requirements.

Our impact within our region

The experience gained in the Hy2Market project in the field of hydrogen production, distribution and utilisation as a chemical raw material, will enable us to expand and enhance our portfolio. The developed simulation models and use-case-models can be used to identify opportunities for utilising hydrogen in the region’s companies and to link them together for optimisation.