Power Evolution

Power Evolution is an Energy Technologies Company focusing on the design and production of innovative products and processes with high technological value in the energy sector, and in particular on the development of technologies for renewable energy and for energy efficiency. The company designs and develops systems for energy saving and efficiency, SCADA system to monitor and provide supervisory control of plants for energy production. The company also carries out research activities in the field of materials and innovative technologies in collaboration with Universities and research centers. 

Our role in the project

Power Evolution is leading the Task T2.2 Site Management and scale-up. A green hydrogen pilot plant in the range of 200-300kW – 1MW will be installed in the Duferco plant of Giammoro, Sicily, to provide supply hydrogen for a peaker turbine of 58MW, used for power network regulation through Italian TSO dispatchment. The investment is dedicated to hydrogen/natural gas blending to lowering carbon dioxide emissions during the turbine operation. Useful information for system integration, site implementation, integration into the industrial process, quality, permitting issues, operation and management, scaling-up will be provided thanks to the installation and operation of this pilot. This could be useful also for the replication of this business cases with full decarbonisation of hard–to-abate industry. Power Evolution will investigate optimization of hydrogen production operation, storage and blending from efficiency and quality point of view.

Our impact within our region

The region of Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean Sea that has the characteristics to become an energy HUB or Hydrogen Valley. The Hydrogen Valley in Sicily will contribute to the achievement of one of the main European objectives in the energy transition as envisaged by RePowerEU. The Hy2Market project is one of the Main Hydrogen Production Project in Sicily and it is a project that supports businesses and the territory and contributes to the increase of the island’s energy industries.