Médiotejo21, Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of Médio Tejo and Pinhal Interior Sul, contributes to sustainability and innovation in its region. Engaging in project management, energy efficiency initiatives, environmental education, waste management, and environmental monitoring, the agency collaborates with local entities for sustainable development.  MédioTejo21, plays a crucial role in implementing local policies aligned with broader environmental goals and promote good environmental and energy practices, aiming to balance economic development with environmental preservation.

Our role in the project

In the Hy2Market project, Médiotejo21 is the leader of Work Package 5 – Use of Hydrogen in Mobility, under which it is promoting the implementation of a demonstration pilot of a hydrogen-powered bus in the Médio Tejo region.The bus (H2 CAETANOBUS Toyota FC Stack Generation 2) will run for 8 months as part of the public road transport service and will transport passengers on urban routes in eleven municipalities in the Médio Tejo region, covering an average of around 200 km a day. The Pilot will have two operational bases, using a mobile hydrogen refueling station (M1-M4, Abrantes; M4-M8-Tomar). Médiotejo21 is also the leader of Task 5.3 – Development of the Mobility as a Service Platform.

Our impact within our region

MédioTejo21 has been working to promote energy sustainability and environmental responsibility in its area of operation through the implementation of strategies and goals that ensure the preservation of natural resources and the minimization of impacts on the environment. We are truly committed to demonstrating that alternative green mobility is possible, and the pilot demonstration of the hydrogen bus is the visible face of what we are doing. This will undoubtedly leave a mark in the region, proving on a practical side that we can incorporate alternative green fuel into our daily lives and break the paradigm of the H2 production/use value chain in our region. This project is raising eyebrows of curiosity and, in doing so, is raising awareness not only among the population but also on social media and in decision-making circles regarding the theme of sustainable mobility