Innovation Cluster MEDGreen is a grouping of universities, innovative companies, local administrations and other stakeholders that has been established in 2013 and is organised as a Non for Profit organization, according to the Romanian law. The purpose of the Innovation Cluster MEDGreen is to facilitate and promote cooperation and support activities for the development of innovative products and services that are competitive both on the national and international markets, with high added value and to generate jobs and opportunities for the sustainable development of the target regions. 

Our role in the project

MEDGreen Cluster is leading Task 5.2-Development and testing of mobility solutions in real life context. MEDGreen Cluster is involved in Task 2.3 Waste-to-Hydrogen, Task 5.1 Preliminary actions, Task 5.3 Development of Platform Mobility as a service and Task 5.4 Evaluation and Roll-out. MDGreen Cluster is responsible for the development of: D2.21-Executive summary on waste pyrolysis for production of biochar and separation of H2 from syngas fraction, and MS17 Mobility as a service with demonstration of 3 hydrogen buses.

Our impact within our region

In the present project, Innovation Cluster Medgreen is focusing on the South-East Region of Romania with an emphasis on Constanta County. There are envisaged evaluations and enhancement of the entire components of the hydrogen value chains, from production to distribution and use. The innovation aspects on production are related to the separation and conditioning of hydrogen from the syngas resulting of pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste. The use case on mobility shall consist on a comprehensive study of developing a local manufacturing platform for hydrogen buses tailored to the local needs. By the successful implementation of the innovative solutions, there will be demonstrated their potential to contribute to the green transition of the region and generation of jobs and regional development.