IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution is multidisciplinary, multicultural team, dealing with urban, local and regional governance and public policies. IrRADIARE works on with digital technologies, design, engineering, economics, management and political sciences, providing support, advise, services, platforms, systems and smart solutions. IrRADIARE’s widely tested expertise on energy systems modelling ranges from industrial process to city scale. Its predictive systems currently support advanced business models related to investment in new energy solutions, smart mobility and smart systems.

Our role in the project

In the Hy2Market project, IrRADIARE is responsible for developing the Mobility as a Service Platform (Task 5.3). The Platform Mobility as a Service will support the implementation of an on-demand transport service, using the H2 vehicles, aiming at ensuring the digitalisation of the mobility service, adjusted to Hydrogen mobility solutions and monitoring demonstration pilots’ results. The development of this interregional platform will be complemented with community information and dissemination actions to maximize the interest and the use of this tool.

Our impact within our region

IrRADIARE operates European-wide, from Brussels and Lisbon within an outreach active network of more than one thousand entities in a significant number of European regions and cites. Company’s aim is related to assisting communities in addressing the market barriers and promoting best practices, attracting innovation, investment, jobs creation as a key interest area. IrRADIARE has been involved in several projects addressing priority themes as Smart cities, Energy Management, Digital Innovation, Smart Healthcare, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Communities, among others.