IAC Special Projects

IAC Special Projects is a management and engineering consultancy company, with long experience and wide expertise in production and sales of public transport vehicles industry. Over the last 20 years, our team has been involved in the production of more than 1000 special vehicles and the sales of other 500 public transport units.

Our role in the project

IAC Special Projects is working on two directions: statistical and technical. The first one will conclude with a feasibility study which will answer the need and if there are advantages  of hydrogen based transport solutions, the study being done in Constanța, a major city in Romania. It has to be taken into account that Romania does not have a hydrogen strategy at this time, so the results of the study will have to be adapted to each European country, depending on their hydrogen grant policies. The second  activity will provide the technical guidelines for building a hydrogen based minibus, as an alternative to conventional vehicles, introduced by the feasibility study.

Our impact within our region

IAC Special Projects is part of the initiative to create a new vision about the future of ”zero emissions” transport in Romania. Our knowledge and results will become a useful tool for public institutions and private entities in the transition from conventional to hydrogen based public transport.