HyET Hydrogen

HyET Hydrogen B.V. is an international company based in the Netherlands leading the field of Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing technologies. HyET Hydrogen B.V. was founded in 2008 and introduced the first commercially viable Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor (EHC) in 2017. HyET’s headquarters are located in Arnhem and, its development as an SME is carried out by an experienced multidisciplinary team with background in: chemistry, process engineering, mechanical engineering, software & control, process modelling, financing, etc. HyET’s Electrochemical Hydrogen equipment offers a silent process, with no moving parts, that can energy and cost effectively provide compressed and purified hydrogen. The lack of moving parts entails a significant advantage over other alternatives: a notable reduction of the overall maintenance costs. Besides working as a compression technology, the hydrogen selectiveness of the electrochemical principle allows for a wider range of applications where hydrogen extraction or purification is required. Based on this, HyET Hydrogen’s EHC/P (Electrochemical Compression and Purification) technology can offer a unique single-stage compression and purification alternative. Furthermore, this hydrogen selectiveness of the process allows for many other market applications where a compression ratio is not required but low concentrations of hydrogen are present in the gas mixture. In this line, HyET Hydrogen has developed the EHE/P (Electrochemical Hydrogen Extraction and Purification) technology. With the same principle as EHC/P but using a different platform that allows for this type of mixtures, the market segments that can be targeted by this EHE/P are, for example: deblending of hydrogen from blended natural gas existent pipelines, recycling hydrogen from industrial processes like steel industry, refinery plants, semiconductor industry, etc. Due to its flexibility, its modularity and its selectiveness towards hydrogen, HyET Hydrogen’s technology can significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX in the H2 supply chain for many existing and emerging markets where pressurized and high purity hydrogen is required.

Our role in the project

As technology partner developing and supplying Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression and Purification systems, HyET Hydrogen’s role in this projects falls mainly in the hydrogen transport part of the value chain. When considering pipelines for this purpose, HyET will investigate how their electrochemical hydrogen compression and purification (EHC/P) technology can best fit to the new piping parameters relevant to the regions and apply for additional certification if necessary. This include a detailed assessment of the users’ specifications and requirements in terms of output hydrogen purities and pressure levels at industrial byproduct H2 in the different locations that are being considered within the scope of this project. Additionally, outside of the pipeline application, HyET will investigate and assess an electrochemical solution that excels at filling tube trailers for short-term storage. After assessing the end users’ specificatiions, HyET will perform different testing adapting to the different use cases and focusing on Total Cost of Ownership (CAPEX/OPEX) optimisation for the relevant use cases. Testing campaigns at HyET’s test facilities will involve the gas specifications from the partners and the applications that come favourably out of the early investigations with input from the involved regions. As an ultimate outcome, HyET perform techno-economic assessments processing the test results for some of the cases, which can result in investment proposals for EHPC systems at a later stage.

Our impact within our region

HyET Hydrogen’s electrochemical hydrogen compression and purification technology aligns with the global efforts to mitigate carbon emissions and underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability. Within the Hy2Market project, its potential role in the hydrogen transport is expected to be assessed for various use cases located in different European countries. The collaboration with other European partners enhances alignment with regional and EU policies promoting sustainable technologies, potentially garnering more policy support, incentives, and favorable regulations. This framework not only propels technological advancements but also serves as a key driver for economic growth through cross-industry partnerships. The European regions where HyET’s technology application will be assessed within the Hy2Market framework are The Netherlands, Spain and France. Showcasing specific pioneer regions as hubs for cutting-edge and sustainable technology solutions, the expertise and innovations developed by the company can be exported globally. This type of technology is a key piece of the puzzle for a cost-effective distribution of the hydrogen, and contributes to position those regions at the forefront of the hydrogen economy. The strategic position of The Netherlands to serve a part in the off-shore energy infrastructure, its well-established transport infrastructure and international trade relations, position the country as a pivotal player in the development of a hydrogen transport network. In the same line, the use of HyET’s technology in Southern European countries, with significant renewable energy potential and the possibility to jointly boost an interconnected hydrogen infrastructure from the south of Europe is presented as a perfect opportunity to showcase the cost-effectiveness of the technology for commercial applications across Europe and the rest of the world.