HyEnergy TransStore

HyEnergy TransStore (HTS) is a new, fully sustainable hydrogen transportation company fit for participating within Europe’s energy transition. The company will deliver zero and low carbon hydrogen into the energy market. It will operate from a location in the Northern Netherlands as its initial source of molecules will be in Delfzijl at the Nobian chor-alkali facility. HTS is a project partner in the HEAVENN hydrogen valley project and also participates in various Dutch hydrogen application development projects. 

Our role in the project

Within the Hy2Market project, HTS is developing, engineering and investing in a pipeline connection between the Nobian chlor-alkali facility and the HTS designated site – which is across a canal. The pipeline will be ‘pulled’ rather than built insitu, using new novel pipeline materials.  

Our impact within our region

The proof of concept for the use of new materials for the deployment of hydrogen pipelines will allow the rapid expansion of available lower cost hydrogen at scale around the Northern Netherlands and across Europe. The HTS plans within Hy2Market cover many elements which are seen on much larger pipeline deployments such as traversing a body of water, interconnection with other exiting pipes and directional drilling for the new pipeline route. As such this deployment exhibits a wide spectrum of issues which maybe encountered for many projects.