HyEnergy Consultancy

HyEnergy® is an experienced consultancy specialising in the pulling together of the disparate hydrogen and energy communities to understand, foster, anddeliver opportunities for new hydrogen solutions. The company has been influential in the development of the European sector, exemplified through participating within and helping to design HEAVENN and GREEN HYSLAND – the continent’s first two hydrogen valleys projects. HyEnergy continues to denitify and champion needed innovations and sector developments across the entire value chain – production, storage & distribution, and end-uses. 

Our role in the project

Within the Hy2Market project, Hyenergy is investigating the potential role of liquid hydrogen across project regions and the wider European hydrogen sector. It is predicted that power-intensive mobility applications, such as long-distance heavy-duty haulage and short-to-medium distance aircraft and marine vessels will require unique power solutions in order to meet net-zero targets. Liquid hydrogen when combined with fuel cells, due to its potential to completely remove emissions from these applications as well as its high power density when compared with other non-carbon fuelling options, is one of the leading options being considered. As such, HyEnergy will evaluate the technical, economic, and regulatory feasibility of an increased presence of liquid hydrogen within the European market.

Our impact within our region

Hy2Market is the latest in a list of hydrogen activities HyEnergy has undertaken to actively develop the hydrogen economy of the Northern Netherlands. The liquid hydrogen study, undertaken as part of Hy2Market, will help to develop the region’s knowledge base as approaches full commercial deployment, and inform further deployment approaches and demonstration activities across market segments which have not yet been realised (e.g. aviation).