HIDRITEC WATER SYSTEMS is an engineering company specialized in the implementation of innovative and turnkey solutions for water treatment. HIDRITEC was established with the aim to meet the needs of a broad field of activities in the implementation of new efficient technologies in drinking water and waste water treatment in different sectors. HIDRITEC designs and develops solutions based on compact and modular plants, easily transportable, operationally simple and minimizing the use of chemicals and consumables, being faithful to our commitment to quality, innovation and respect for the environment.

Our role in the project

As part of the Hy2Market project in Asturias, HIDRITEC is responsible for designing and manufacturing a water treatment plant to convert raw water into demineralized water, meeting the necessary specifications for the electrolyzer. In Aboño, it is planned to launch 100MW of electrolyzers, with the possibility of expansion, thereby ensuring the stability of the electrical supply for the Asturian industry within the framework of energy transition plans.

Our impact within our region

The production of green hydrogen through water electrolysis is one of the major challenges to achieve the decarbonization of the economy and undergo the necessary energy transition towards a sustainable future. The pre-treatment required for the water entering the electrolyzer is a key step in extending the lifespan of the electrolyzer, impacted by factors such as residue accumulation and corrosion. HIDRITEC is part of the Hy2Market consortium, with EDP acting as the leading company in the green hydrogen value chain for the Aboño thermal power plant project in Asturias. The collaboration of these 38 European entities in the Hy2Market Project represents a significant advancement by creating international value chains. Connecting 10 different regions will result in an increase in the production and use of green hydrogen in Asturias, where the project’s plant will be installed.