H2CYL is the Castilla y León Regional Association for the promotion and development of the hydrogen sector as a source of social, industrial and economic development. The Association is made up of more than 65 members who represent the entire hydrogen value chain, from the development of knowledge and training through its research centres and universities, public administrations as well as the companies necessary for the deployment of the sector: engineering companies, project developers, construction companies, consultants, companies in the field of renewable energies, technology developers, financial institutions, infrastructure developers and even consumers of hydrogen and its derivatives. Castilla y León is one of the largest regions around Europe and the largest renewable energy producer in Spain.

Our role in the project

Hy2Market offer us a great opportunity to learn about how to develop our own hydrogen project. This initiative give us knowledge and visibility in Europe as one of the best ways to look for the better pieces to complete our hydrogen value chain.

Our impact within our region

We have discovered that the hydrogen sector needs the collaboration of different actors and regions, sharing knowledge, resolving doubts that arise during the development of the different phases of the project and establishing synergies in matters as diverse as technological development, financing, regulation and processing. From the association, we extend the lessons learned to all our partners, who apply them to their daily activities and actions.