As specialist in infrastructure for new energy, Firan (subsidiary of Alliander) produces sustainable energy accessible to everyone. Together with municipalities, housing associations, project developers, energy producers and other partners, we work on smart local energy solutions for buildings, areas and municipalities. We develop, realize and exploit the infrastructures for heating, cooling, hydrogen, sustainable gases and solar- and wind energy which are ready for the world of tomorrow. According to the Climate Agreement and the government’s vision on hydrogen, CO2-free gases are an indispensable link in the transition to a sustainable energy supply. In combination with the increasing pressure on (large) companies to speed up their sustainable business processes, the demand for hydrogen increases as well. The trend is reinforced by the (threatening) grid congestion. Firan’s regional hydrogen networks are an important solution for the growing market for sustainable energy and the increasing pressure on the electricity grid. In addition, hydrogen can be used in local energy networks such as energy hubs.

Our role in the project

As part of the European Hy2Market project, Firan helps to realize a future-proof hydrogen value chain in Europe. This innovative partnership between European Hydrogen Valley regions work to  advance hydrogen production, transport and application.

Our impact within our region

Firan sees the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier as a promising development for the energy system of today and tomorrow. We support our customers and partners to reach efficient, safe and reliable hydrogen applications. We develop, realize and operate local and regional hydrogen networks which are ready for the future. Firan has all the legal, organizational, technical and financial expertise of hydrogen networks inhouse. We develop together with our partners – of course within the applicable regulations and legal frameworks – innovative projects with optimal use of hydrogen: for industrial processes (such as heating and production processes) and for mobility, logistics and transportation (such as planes, ships, trains, trucks and cars). We are working on regional hydrogen networks, and we make hydrogen applicable in local energy networks such as energy hubs. The hydrogen distribution networks of Firan make it possible for companies to continue to grow and to make business processes and means of transport more sustainable, even in regions with (increasing) grid congestion. This means that investments in hydrogen solutions prevent expansion of electricity grids.