The Fundación Asturiana de la Energía (FAEN) is the Regional Energy Agency in Asturias, Spain. Our objective is the promotion, support and execution of actions for energy in all areas of Asturias. Our main activities are focused in the definition of regional energy policies, the development of demonstration technological projects, the elaboration of studies in the regional energy sector and the implementation of information campaigns.

Our role in the project

FAEN is taking part in the Hy2market project as associated partner, collaborating in the dissemination activities, sharing knowledge with other regions and facilitating the activities to carry out in Asturias. Our ambition is that the Hy2market will be the kick off project for starting a regional renewable hydrogen ecosystem, involving SMEs and large companies and starting up the first hydrogen production facilities in Asturias. The sharing of experiencies and collaboration with other European regions and stakeholders will facilitate overcome the initial barriers of implementation of the renewable hydrogen projects 

Our impact within our region

FAEN is leading the implementation of a regional renewable hydrogen ecosystem in Asturias. It is collaborating with the regional energy ministry in the implementation of the measures included in the Regional Energy Strategy for promotion the production and use of renewable hydrogen. It is coordinating the regional hydrogen roundtable and working with the regional stakeholders in overcoming the barriers (technological, economic and administrative). In the framework of these activities, Hy2market is facilitating the connection among large companies and SMEs of the region, proposing the first hydrogen production plant and the first tests for using renewable H2 in the industry and in the transport sectors.