The European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation (ERIG) is a European research and development organisation with the objective to guide gas in the transition process towards a future renewable based energy system. It is a non-profit association for European cooperation in the field of sustainable and innovative gas technologies and the use of natural gas with renewable energies. ERIG hosts a platform of national research institutes and selected energy industry partners from the countries represented via the ERIG Country Members.

Our role in the project

ERIG established a Knowledge Exchange Platform for internal communication in Hy2Market in pursuit of uncomplicated and easy communication as well as collaborative exchange of project outcomes. This platform, ┬áhosted by ERIG on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, describes a central instrument in facilitating efficient communication, sharing of resources, and fostering collaboration among consortium members. With a focus on streamlining information flow, reducing email traffic, and enhancing consortium-wide engagement, this platform presents a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the project’s specific needs. The project meetings in Hy2Market are organised and hosted by alternating project partners. ERIG takes on a supporting role in organising and sustaining the knowledge exchange during those meetings. The ERIG country members are foreseen to be involved in the knowledge exchange as well, to support the exchange with further input.

Our impact within our region

ERIG as a networking organisation, is not specifically representing one region, but generating impact with interconnecting the different regions. The aim is also to connect these regions with the ERIG Community and Network to expand the impact even further in the Hy2Market project.