The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) is a non-profit company established among local actors and stakeholders of the Region of Western Macedonia, Greece. CluBE emerged from the collaboration of regional players, analysing bioenergy and biomass potentials, the core cluster structures and innovative energy systems. CluBE enhances collaboration and regional knowledge by promoting synergies between stakeholders in the fields of bioeconomy and environment. CluBE is also developing R&D and business activities in order to reinforce circular economy and green hydrogen in the region. The members of CluBE (currently more than 40) have successfully completed several European Projects in the field of research and dissemination of knowledge. CluBE has many affiliations in European networks and currently it implements 31 projects amongst its initiatives. CluBE’s areas of expertise regarding proposal writing and implementation are stakeholder engagement, regional replication of local demo sites, communication and dissemination and mobilisation of entrepreneurship.

Our role in the project

Within the project, CluBE will evaluate aspects relevant to hydrogen compression need and solutions, the variable and partial use of hydrogen in power plants (coal, gas, cogeneration) and furnaces in general in several industrial sectors, the barriers, challenges and opportunities for different industrial sectors and the evaluation of required hydrogen quality for different applications. Further, CluBE will collaborate with the other partners on data sharing regarding business cases and technical documents, from pilot plants and stakeholders involved. 

Our impact within our region

CluBE will align with other partners of the Hy2Market project, which is going to conduct the standardisation of processes and evaluation of data for replication and implementation of sites in the Western Macedonia region, which is one of the European targeted regions and where CluBE is active as a regional cluster. Furthermore, CluBE will utilize and provide its contacts with different stakeholders in the Western Macedonia region, so as to enable and facilitate the replication process.