ALSA Grupo SLU (ALSA) is a Spanish transportation company that operates a wide range of public transport services, including bus, coach, and tram services, both in Spain and internationally. The company is committed to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable transport services to its passengers, while also promoting innovation and technological advancement in the transport industry. In addition to the introduction of low-emission buses, ALSA Grupo SLU has also implemented a number of measures to promote sustainable mobility, such as the development of a new bus network that provides faster and more reliable services, the promotion of cycling and walking, and the introduction of a bike-sharing scheme.

Our role in the project

Alsa will proceed to invest, complementing the grant requested in this call, in the acquisition of a state-of-the-art FCEV Urban/Suburban demo bus to carry out tests on different lines Alsa operates in the Region of Asturias and in coordination with the local authorities. The bus will be incorporated into operation on real lines (200-300 km/day), during 36 months, with the aim of checking and ensuring its behavior, performance, consumption, availability, and others, compared to other current technologies that are already in operation, such as diesel, diesel-hybrid, BEV, as well as being able to test the associated hydrogen infrastructure and the corresponding recharge times. Testing and demonstrating mobility solutions in real-life context experimentation is essential to promote improvements and show viability, in order to boost commercialization and markets entrance. The testing actions in real-life context ensure that the performance of the hydrogen vehicles meets the manufacturers and customers’ requirements.

Our impact within our region

Alsa’s participation in the Hy2Market project not only showcases the potential of hydrogen-powered mobility solutions but also delivers tangible benefits to the region, ranging from environmental improvements to economic development and technological innovation. Overall, Alsa’s participation in this proyect has a direct impact in reduced emissions, technological advancement and job creation and economic growth.