New Energy Coalition

New Energy Coalition is a continuously growing network of knowledge institutions, businesses, government bodies and ngo’s working together to accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable future. Our coalition – with some 150 partners – connects the knowledge, experience, innovation and willpower of companies, government bodies, NGOs and knowledge institutions. Together we take up the challenge. From training young people and energy professionals to energy research and concrete energy projects. We actively share our knowledge with others, so that everyone can benefit.

Our role in the project

New Energy Coalition is the project coordinator for Hy2Market and is responsible for the external communications of the project and project results. The main goal of the Communications work package is to disseminate all open project findings to the European public to enable further growth and strengthening of hydrogen value chains across Europe. In addition, New Energy Coalition is work package leader for the topic of Hydrogen Transportation and act as a consultant in the other work packages. The main focus of the Hydrogen Transportation work package is to find innovative solutions for better, safer, affordable, and efficient hydrogen transport between production and off-takers. 

Our impact within our region

New Energy Coalition is representative to the Northern Netherlands region, one of the first and leading regions of the recognised European Hydrogen Valleys, including the HEAVENN project. By collaborating with the interregional and European partners in the Hy2Market project, the knowledge for hydrogen developments within the region and expanding network can be further strengthened in achieving a robust and innovative hydrogen value chain and market throughout Europe.