15 March 2023

Kick-Off meeting Hy2Market March 22nd 2023 in Brussels

On March 22nd  2023 the Kick-off meeting of the new project Hy2Market takes place in Brussels.  

The project partners will come together with the partner regions that work on different innovations to boost the production, transport and use of green hydrogen. From each region, companies and research institutes collaborate on innovations, studies and investments to reach a robust and innovative hydrogen value chain.

The Hy2Market initiative aim to identify and overcome barriers in production, transport, use in industry and mobility and broad integration with standards, legislation and common practices.

On the evening there is a public event in Thon Hotel EU under the topic “The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis” .

This is an open event and you can find more information and register at Evening Policy Talk event on March 22nd 2023.